Full Dentures

While full dentures are often a last resort after your natural dentition has failed, we urge you to look at dentures as an opportunity to regain a fully functional and realistic looking smile again!  With over 70 years of combined experience, our dentists will help customize your denture to ensure the best fit, function, and esthetics as possible.

Does your lower denture not fit as well as your upper?  We can help with the use of implants!

You may have heart of dentures being held in place by implants.  This pertains mainly to lower dentures and is known as an “implant retained over denture” which has become a standard of care in dentistry today.  Upper dentures fit well and resist dislodging much better than lower dentures due to differences in the oral anatomy.  To combat this, two implants can be placed in the lower jaw that act as anchors for your lower denture to “clip” into.  While your lower denture is still supported by your lower gums, it is retained by these two implants.  If you’re interested in an implant retained over denture, please don’t hesitate to ask!