Dental implantImplants

Dental implants replace a missing tooth’s root and are used to support crowns, bridges, and full-arch dentures. Resembling a small screw, dental implants are surgically placed into the upper or lower jaw, and then allowed to heal and integrate into the bone. Once the implant has fully integrated into the bone, work can begin on designing and placing a crown or bridge to replace the missing tooth or teeth.

Today implants are the gold-standard of care to replace missing teeth and are widely used. They provide superior esthetic and functional results, and have excellent success rates. If you have any questions regarding dental implant placement, please let us know!

Porcelain & Gold Bridges

As crowns are designed to cover or “cap” a single tooth, bridges are formally referred to as a “fixed partial denture” and are designed to replace a missing span of teeth while “capping” two existing teeth at either end of a space. A bridge is an excellent way to replace one or multiple missing teeth while still providing excellent esthetics, still providing esthetics, strength and longevity.