Our office offers $171 bleaching trays and whitening gel for patients with current exams and x-rays. This price includes custom impressions and trays for both upper and lower teeth and 8 tubes of prescription strength whitening gel. Any additional bleach tubes will be available for purchase directly in our office. Patients that come to their regularly scheduled 6 month hygiene appointments will receive a free tube of bleach to maintain their white smile. 


Professional teeth whitening treatments can whiten teeth multiple shades safely and comfortably. It is important to recognize that healthy teeth come in a large variety of colors and shades, and there is no “normal” or “ideal” shade of white that teeth should be. With our whitening treatments we aim to restore teeth to a naturally brighter shade.

Instructions for Whitening

  • Floss and brush your teeth before inserting your trays
  • Apply a drop of the gel to each tooth area in the tray- not to the tooth itself
  • After inserting the trays into your mouth, you can press the tray up against your teeth
  • Make sure you have a Q-Tip handy to wipe off any excess gel that may touch your gums
  • Keep trays in for 30 minutes and then remove
  • Brush and floss your teeth after trays have been removed
  • Rinse your mouth, do not swallow rinse gel
  • Clean trays with a soft brush and cool tap water. Store trays in case provided
  • Caution: It is possible to over bleach your teeth which can ruin your tooth enamel. Please be aware of this.


  • Do not use household bleach or peroxide to bleach teeth
  • Pregnant women should not bleach
  • Do not use tobacco products, eat or drink while bleaching
  • White spots on enamel that have appeared during bleaching may blend during continued bleaching
  • Teeth are naturally darker along the gum line. These areas may require more time to lighten than the rest of the tooth surface and usually remain slightly darker
  • If sensitivity occurs, remove the trays and discontinue use for a day. You can then resume the process. If sensitivity persists, please contact us
  • Coffee, tobacco, red wine, and berries can re-stain teeth over time. Should this occur, the teeth can be re-whitened within a few days
  • Crowns, bridges, partial dentures, veneers, and composite (white) fillings will not bleach
  • Store bleach out of the sun and heat. Refrigeration recommended for longer shelf life. Do not freeze bleach.

Opalescence Boost PF 40%BOOST

Price $742.00

Opalescence Boost is a chemically activated power whitening gel that provides brighter, whiter teeth after just 40 minutes in the dental chair. The powerful 40% hydrogen peroxide gel is chemically activated, so it doesn’t require a hot, uncomfortable light to work. Using the unique double-syringe configuration, the clinician activates the 40% hydrogen peroxide formula just prior to application, ensuring every dose of Opalescence Boost is fresh and effective.

  • Chemically activated, so no light is needed
  • Powerful 40% hydrogen peroxide gel
  • Opalescence tooth whitening gel contains PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride). Potassium nitrate has been shown to help reduce sensitivity. Fluoride has been shown to help reduce caries and strengthen enamel. Together they help to improve the overall health of the teeth.1-5
  • Fresh chemical for each application
  • Precise delivery
  • Easy to see for complete removal
  • Two 20-minute applications for a total of 40 minutes of treatment time​